Welcome to the website for the Alan Gibson 4mm and 7mm Range of Model Railway Products

updated site 29/06/17, show information 02/12/23, NEWS 19/11/22, kits 02/12/23, Catalogue 31/04/22

The Alan Gibson product range and business changed hands in Oct 2007. Click hear for more info

This website is very much under construction (still, 12/03/22) and whilst we realise it is a very valuable communication tool it was never our intention to have a large fully functional internet presence from the outset. We are now slowly starting to develop the site. Ultimately it may end up in a totally different format as it evolves, but for now it’s the information it contains which is of primary importance.


As far as the product range is concerned all wheels that are currently available in 4mm and 7mm will continue to be so, as will all castings detailing parts, wire, etc. etc. For information about kits please follow the 'Kit' link at the top of this page


Bob Paynes RTR Wagon Drill - SOLD OUT

Next Show:- York Show 2024 30th, 31st March & 1st April 23 Knavesmire Stand, York Racecourse, YO23 1EX
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