4mm Brass Centred Wheels

Customers have been asking about 4mm brass centred wheels for both Drivers and Bogie/Tender wheels, so we have decided to produce them to order in a kit form. We will probably do this 3 or 4 times a year, so they will not be in continuous supply.
We see it as being 2 tyres, 2 brass centres and 1 axle in a bag; the tyres will be our standard ones in either OO/EM or P4 as will the axles. We will modify our tooling to produce a brass centre with an under size pilot hole and an oversize diameter. The intention is that the modeller will ‘bore’ the centre out to suit his needs, mount the centre on a mandrel and turn the outside ‘true’ to suit their required method of attaching the tyre, this could even be a shrink fit. The modeller would obviously need to make their own insulation arrangements.