Alan Gibson

The problem we had with our telephone line is partially resolved. The number now diverts to a mobile we have access to it and contains our 'normal' greeting.

If you left a message between 13th March and 20th of March to a 'standard' female voiced greeting instead of my warm tones, then I'm sorry, we have no way of accessing those messages until 29th March. I also feel inclined to add 'if at all' to that.


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For those who like a little more info. It is and does seem like a simple proposition to transfer a telephone line from one place to another. However, we would have had to have entered in to another contract with BT which we didn't want to do. Also, it was essential that we retained the number, so we decided to transfer to a new provider before we moved the number. The mistake we made was to order Broadband at the same time and someone thought about it to much instead of following instructions. Still seems straight forward, well with the time I have available it isn't worth explaining.
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